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Why You Should Still Learn To Code In 2020… Despite The Pandemic

There are four months left of 2020. Learn the most valuable skill of our time. Coding!

Why You Should Still Learn To Code In 2020… Despite The Pandemic
2020 has been the year that millions of people want to throw away.

Throw the whole year away, cancel 2020 and make a fresh start in 2021. In some aspect, I agree. We’re going through a pandemic, we’ve had the protests of Black Lives Matter, we’ve been having Trump but more Trump on top of everything else going on hasn’t exactly been uplifting for the year and we have the protests of police brutality in Zimbabwe.

There has been so much more that it can leave you deterred to even give energy to 2020 but I would like to encourage you to not give up on 2020. There’s still four months left of 2020 & I still think you have time to begin to learn a skill of one of the most valuable skills you can ever learn. Coding!

Starting my tech career in March 2019, I didn’t come into tech from a STEM related background. In fact, my journey was unconventional but also familiar for many, if you’d like to read more, click here. As of January 2020, I’m now a DevOps (Big Data) Engineer. Learning to code has opened my mind to endless ideas of my own, opportunities to express my journey in tech through blogging & allowed me to learn about different technologies & methodologies that I never imagined I would be using two years ago.

Here are five reasons why you should still learn how to code in 2020 despite the fact it’s a pandemic.

1. Coding is a skill you can take anywhere in the world.. or keep at home

Coding is a language that can be understood no matter where you go in the world. Whether you are cleaning up data with Python, building websites with JavaScript or creating a video game with C#, there are companies all over the world that’ll use these languages in order to build their products.

There are also companies that’ll pay you to code from them while you are comfortably sitting at home.
I even know of people that work for companies based in the USA while they are working remotely from the UK.

You are not limited to where you are. There are so many jobs out there for those with this skillset but there’s not enough people with the skills to do the job so why not learn and put yourself out there?

2. It’s a skill that is in demand

You will never be short of opportunities. In the UK, there are reports of an increase in job advertisements for web developers and designers by just over 15%.

Prior to this, the UK had already discussed the skills shortage for IT and coding skills some time last year. IBM also predicted there will be 1,000,000 jobs by the end of 2020 in the UK alone.

3. It’s a valuable skill and companies are paying you a lot to lend your skills to them

Tech jobs can pay a lot but this is dependant on where you are. For example, junior tech roles in the UK can start from £30,000 a year but can progress to £60,000+ after a year of experience. I've seen it happen, trust me. In the US, state dependant, I've seen salaries of $100,000 for junior roles but some states, and countries, offer salaries based on living costs in the city/countries so although it would be quite a surprising salary to get, it may not go far for somewhere like San Francisco.

Salaries will increase as you gather more experience and continue to invest in developing your skillset.

4. You can take coding into any industry and build anything with it.
Why You Should Still Learn To Code In 2020… Despite The Pandemic
In my opinion, every company is becoming a tech company.

Whether they are banks, clothing stores or hospitals, every organisation is depending more and more on technology to innovate the work they do, the products they create and how they better serve their clients and customers.

No matter your interests, you can find a job role that allows you to be a part of an industry that fascinates you.

5. Opens opportunities outside of your tech career

Tech is a industry that promotes collaboration and continuous learning. Whether it be about your day-to-day job, personal experiences in tech, being a minority in tech, it can provide opportunities for you to create a brand of yourself out of your career. You can make money from speaking on podcasts, at conferences or even start your own platform like me!

I know that this is just a few things that learning to code can build and bring to you and it may not be something that completely coincides with what you are envisioning for yourself. For example, speaking may not be your thing, being a digital nomad may sound like your worst nightmare but learning to code is a skill I'm so proud to have & I hope you will be too as you start your journey.

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Don't let the pandemic stop you from learning something new and getting into tech. xo


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