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The Opal Blog is a platform created by Jennifer Opal; a platform that has gained recognition for its human stories on her experience of being a black, neurodivergent woman in the technology industry.

Jennifer's first blog came after what would be a pinnacle moment in her advocacy journey in the tech industry & beyond.

In March 2019, when Jennifer had just started her career as a Software Engineer, the CTO of the organisation she was working for, visited her Head Office in Belfast, Northern Ireland along with the Senior Leadership Team. They were given an opportunity for open dialogue & to give a score out of 10 regarding how happy they are working for the company.

After giving a score, she was asked to explain why & I said, "I'm the only black person here. I feel lonely in a room full of people." The CTO was thankful that I felt comfortable enough to share that, although I have to say, I didn't know he was the CTO at the time. Along with Senior Leadership, I was invited to have a conversation & share ideas on how things can be improved.

After this moment, Jennifer Opal wrote her first blog, originally posted on the platform, Medium, where she vocalised her experience of being the only black woman working in a Head Office of a major telecommunications company based in the UK & why change was needed.

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As a Black, queer, woman with dyslexia, dyspraxia & ADHD, Jennifer was encouraged by people from all over the globe to continue sharing her story & experiences with technology, neurodiversity, & her intersectionality.

The Opal Blog provides a combination of technical writing pieces focusing on DevOps, Cloud & Infrastructure. The platform also provides think pieces & human stories about neurodiversity, inclusion; tech career advice as well as opinion pieces on technologies in the DevOps Space.

She came to realise the importance of her voice, sharing her story, inspiring others, & keeping the door open for more people that can identify with the various areas of her intersectionality & "The Opal Blog" was an powerful way to help her do that.

In the midst of 2020, "The Opal Newsletter" was launched where subscribers received exclusive content & free resources to help with their technical career & knowledge growth.

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You can learn more about Jennifer Opal, her career, her advocacy work in neurodiversity, inclusion & technology at

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